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Hide and Seek

It’s February. Look for the word “heart” in each of my February blogs. When you see the word “heart” send me a comment and I will send you a valentine response.

It can be fun to hunt for things–like hunting Easter eggs, words in a word find puzzle, a very interesting sea shell, the very garment you’re seeking when you’re shopping, cucumbers under lush vines, the perfect view of mountains on a road trip, that very color yarn you want for knitting a sweater…..

Remember how much fun it was to play Hide and Seek? Or maybe you don’t have to rely on memory. You may still be playing! There’s hardly any game more appealing to all ages than some form of Hide and Seek. From “peek-a-boo” to some form of medieval mystery night hunting, everyone is interested in a good hunt. Even if we’re not agile enough to participate.

There’s the urge to find treasure, too, something very unusual or precious.

Charles and I were digging in a lily bed behind our pre-Civil War house years ago when Charles’ shovel clicked on something hard. We were trying to move the whole bed of lilies somewhere else in preparation for planting prickly hollies there. Our hope was that our beloved Irish setter would not prefer to smash the hollies as he had the lilies. But now what was this hard surface we’d come upon? It was wide enough to be a sizable chest.

I was sure it was a treasure chest buried over a century before. We dug with greater and greater zeal until we uncovered a large rusty saw blade with a trap box underneath. We think it was an old grease trap for the kitchen covered with what was available, a worn out circular saw blade. After getting over my disappointment that it wasn’t a box of silver or gold, I agreed with Charles that it really was a pretty interesting discovery. When we moved, we brought it with us and anchored it behind our mailbox, an indicator that we have an affection for historical objects.


My North Georgia childhood home place had been occupied by Native American Indians. My older siblings found numerous chiseled arrowheads. By the time I came along there weren’t many left. But I still have the two or three I personally found. There was always the possibility of finding one more because things like that get buried and then, as weather and foot traffic change the lay of the land, they work to the surface. Like the railroad peg our grandson found near an old railroad that hasn’t existed in 75 years.

But there’s a not-so-fun side to hunting too. Ever lost anything?

Some things, like a favorite earring or a certain blouse, you look for relentlessly, though you do know you’ll be okay without it. Other objects may be so necessary, their loss throws you into a panic. Loss of your wallet, your car keys, a certain document you need for filing your income tax return will make your pulse race as you hunt in all the obvious places and then where “I know I didn’t put it.” And when you find the missing item you really can identify with that woman Jesus talked about who, when she found her lost coin, called on her neighbors to rejoice with her.

The loss that causes the most dread and fear is the loss of a child. His mother and I lost Charles D when he was three years old. For a horrible thirty minutes in a big mall we didn’t know where he was. I can easily remember my fear as, after seeking all the safer places he could have hidden, I left the department store and walked down the mall. When I spied him coming towards me, a tiny figure in the distance, I burst into tears of thanksgiving.

Whether for fun, or to take care of our own, we are seekers. God has planted an urge to seek in our hearts. Whether curious or thirsty, we are seekers.

The wonderful thing is, God promises we will find Him if we seek Him with all our heart.

I have gotten so lost trying to find an address that I just had to give up. (That was before GPS).

But those who wait on the Lord will always be rewarded.

Because, you see, He is hunting for you too!

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13


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Holy Sandpaper from Habbakuk


One of the things I delight in doing is writing devotionals. I may have mentioned earlier in this blog that I am writing a devotional based on scripture from each book of the Bible. The title of the work as a whole is “Holy Sandpaper,” a title I’ve taken from my dear pastor’s wife Lindsey who used that title for a women’s prayer retreat she led one Saturday. She gave me permission to use it, by the way! The theme is that God loves us so much He spends a lot of time polishing us for the future jobs He plans for us. Whether or not He plans hard times for us, He uses them when they come, for our good and for His glory. Many of the devotionals were written concerning a “holy sandpaper” season in my life or that of someone close to me. However, today’s devotional, using Habbakuk 2:20, is not one of those.


The verse is Habbakuk 2:20: “But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.”

I can easily spin myself back in time to a routine Sunday morning at Clarkesville Baptist Church. Choir members in short white robes with very big sleeves are singing reverently with ascending and descending dynamics, “The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord is in his holy temple, let all the earth keep silence, let all the earth keep silence before him.” Some siblings in our awesome troop of Knight children (somewhere between five and seven of the ten of us at that time) liked to make fun of one or two in the choir (on the way home, that is!). One who caught our attention was a tall thin, almost bald gentleman who had a distinctive nose and sang through it heartily and with vigor. But though we found humor in the choir’s rendition, the message was not lost on me.

God was in His holy temple and all the earth should keep silence. I didn’t really study about what all that might mean. It seemed obvious at the time. God was on His throne and the earth should worship Him. It was that simple. I might not have been too sure of what worship meant then. It was a forced quiet time (no giggling or passing of notes!) heavy with the scent of candles and pew wax and decorated with fancy hats and white gloves.

Now, many years later, after children, grandchildren, deaths, weddings, disappointments, victories, a parade of presidents, world shattering tragedies and refreshing realizations–now more than ever I hear this message like the clear note of a silver bell. Only now it’s even simpler: God is holy; I am not.

God in His holiness made provision for me to be covered with a mantle of purity paid for by Jesus’ blood. In many, many scripture passages we’re encouraged to sing praises for what God has done for us, to shout and play instruments and publish His good news. But there are times when we all need to hush, keep silent, and just know that He is God.

Lord, we’re bowing before You and we’re trying to listen, trying to close out all the chatter and distractions and just listen. We want to hear You and we want to obey Your commands. Help us in our quest, we pray. Amen.

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March 21, 2014 · 1:47 pm