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Three Poems

Magnolia Morning

Magnolia leaves,

Brittle as hammered copper,IMG_1289

Light as starched silk,

Inert on the asphalt.

Like small platters on edge,

Odd tents tilted,

Or rusty boats beached.

Then in a moment of blustery breeze

Leaves swirl into a dance

Skittering and careening

Like wild skaters.

Their rattly metallic  commotion

Breaks the morning silence


Then, like actors at the end of a scene,

Or children playing freeze tag,

They take their random places

And simply wait.


Little Red Horns

In protected shadows

Under low limbs of a cherry tree

IMG_1250Mysterious flowers open.

Clusters of horn shaped blooms

Atop tall stalks.

I can almost hear the little red horns

Playing some plaintive tune.

Maybe “O Danny Boy,”

Or their own tune it could be,

Something sweet and simple

And bright.

Just like them.

Apalachicola Sunrise

Seashell pink, lavender, and faintest green

Reflected in the river,

A rippled moving wash,

An artist’s liquid palette

Edged by distant line of marsh grass.

From Caroline’s while eating

Grits and shrimp and eggs,IMG_1267

We watch early boats ply past.

Scattering sunrise waves.

Silent dark birds swoop

For morning morsels.

Noisy seagulls, clad in perfect tuxes,

Circle boardwalks, light on pilings, follow the boats.

The river is quiet again until

A simple craft hums into view.

Six fishermen heading out to sea.

We hear a faint drift of voices from men whose

Reels stand about them ready for bait.

Out towards the bay, beyond the bridge’s arch,

The day opens blue and bright.

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His Mighty Power

The flag is flying, bunting is bright on our mailbox, a watermelon is cooling in the refrigerator, and we’re full of excitement as we anticipate celebrating the Fourth of July with our family. We may or may not be able to attend a show of fireworks this time. We’re considering Bainbridge or Thomasville as possibilities. But we may just watch the fireworks in Washington on our own television. The thrilling stories of our brave servicemen, wonderful patriotic music, and views of memorials in our nation’s capital will all be great to see and hear. The power in the fireworks will, as always, be astounding– the boom, the sparkle, the flash after flash after flash, and all the colors! I just love it!

Speaking of power…Consider His mighty power! Following is a devotional which is part of the book I’m working on titled “Holy Sandpaper.”

“…for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him.” Luke 8:25d

     The disciples had been with Jesus when he cleansed a man of demons (Luke 4:35), healed Simon’s mother-in-law of a fever (Luke 4:39), caused Simon to haul in a huge draught of fish when that day he’d been unable to catch a single one (Luke 5:6), healed a man of palsy and forgave his sins (Luke 5:24-25), healed a man’s withered hand (Luke 6:10), healed the dying servant of a centurion (Luke 7:10), and raised up the dead son of a widow (Luke 7:13-15). But when the disciples witnessed Jesus calming a raging storm at sea, it “blew them away.” “…even the winds and water…obey him.”

     I can hear the breathless reverence in the voices of those weathered fishermen. I don’t know how big that boat was, but I can imagine each one of those rough and tough men feeling they needed to prostrate themselves before the Lord if there were room. They were breathless first with fear of the storm. Then, after seeing the raging storm calm at Jesus’ command, they were breathless with reverential fear of the Lord.

     Highly trained weather forecasters warn us when there’s danger of tornadoes and hurricanes, hail storms, and severe thunderstorms. Warnings save hundreds of lives as citizens hear and heed the warnings. But no one can change the weather, only predict it. And the predictions aren’t always accurate because wind currents can suddenly change direction, strength, and speed. Rise and fall of temperatures also affect an oncoming storm.

     I’ve experienced close up and “personal” a tornado that hit my home in north Georgia when I was a child and a hurricane that hit my south Georgia home when I was a worried mother. In neither case was anyone hurt. But the display of power was incredibly awesome. When the tornado hit the sound was deafening and only afterwards (about three whole minutes) did we realize that huge pine trees had fallen all around our house. When the hurricane hit our house in 1984 (?) we were safe, but were without electricity for many hours, had our pasture fence torn up so our mule trotted unbidden all around town scaring folks, and our roof was damaged severely. Others lost houses and barns in that storm.

     It always amazes me to see how a tornado can dip down, take half a house and shred it, yet leave the other half standing with a coconut cake sitting on the kitchen counter, or a piano with a hymnbook open to the musician’s place. What power! What precision!

     We see the power of the Lord displayed in a spectacular lightning storm or in the roaring waters of a flood-swollen river. Charles has been called as a veterinarian to pronounce reason for death of cows, sometimes six or eight, struck by lightning while huddling together under a tree.

     The power you see in a storm may be seen also in changed lives, healed bodies, circumstances miraculously adjusted or overcome. Have you seen His power lately? Look for Him to be at work in you and around you! Watch diligently for the works of the One Whom “even the winds…obey.”  Look for the spectacular fireworks He provides on any given day of the year, not just the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day!!!!

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