It has been an anxious time in our nation. And it isn’t over yet. My state of Georgia is now in the political beam as two senators vie for keeping Republicans the majority in U.S. Senate and, hopefully, keep us from falling to a socialist minded government. But–I was reminded this morning by a beautiful blossom that governments may come and governments may go but Jesus is still on His throne!

All summer long we watched our Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow shrub for the pretty purple-to-pink flowers that fade day by day giving it its name. The foliage was healthy and bright. The plant almost doubled its size since winter. But no blossoms appeared, not a single bud. We reminded ourselves that it was slow blooming last year. But evidently it just wasn’t going to bloom this year at all.

We had searched online and in person for this plant when we heard about it three years ago. We were intrigued by its name and description. When we finally found one (at Nesmith Nursery in Coolidge, a nursery which has since closed its gates because the owner retired) we were ecstatic. We came straight home to plant it. It has a favored spot beside a butterfly house and close to the yellow lantana bed. It gets nice morning sunshine but is somewhat shaded in the afternoons by a clump of azalea bushes. All in all, it seemed to us the shrub had everything it needed.

But it wasn’t blooming.

It was two days after the election with the counts for the two presidential candidates so close, razor thin in some states including Georgia. We, along with half the nation, were dismayed at the way the election was turning out. Tensions were high. Members of each party are convinced this election is not just about two candidates. It’s about what our nation is to become.

On top of the anxiety over our country, we received sad news from family and then more disturbing news from friends. It was one of those days when, as happened to Job, “while he was yet speaking, another servant arrived with more bad news.”

We had to run an errand downtown and decided to take a ride afterwards “to get a grip on things.”

When we returned, we walked around our driveway and that’s when we saw it–a purplish blossom on the Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow shrub. On closer inspection we discovered many buds ready to pop open in days to come.

I’m not happy with Biden as president. But if he is the one, then I will honor him as president and pray for him to gather wise people around him. We Trump supporters will not burn cities down in our disappointment.

I don’t know what may happen to our beautiful free country. But “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. (2 Timothy 1:12)

Nothing is resolved. The outcome of the election is still not clear and certain. Sickness and problems still prevail. Death separates us from dear ones. But the purple-pink-lavender blossoms remind me: “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to day, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

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6 responses to “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

  1. Laura Maxwell

    I do so enjoy your writings .I have your books and will read everything you write.Thank you. You and Dr.Graham are what dreams are made of.

  2. Carol Ball

    Oh Brenda it’s so good to read your writings. I love the way you use the abundance of God’s beauty around us to refocus our attention on Him and the promises made to us. Love to you and Charles!

    • Thanks so much, Carol! I’m thankful the Lord lets me write these often kind of crazy blogs! And, yes, we are getting better all the time with our recovery! Charles got a really good report from the doctor today–and I walked more than a mile!

  3. Suzanne Dover

    A lovely flower! Hope, beauty, love —the best things are still with us. Thank God!

  4. Thanks for your comment! Such fun to hear from you this way!

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