Diary of a Six Year Old Boy



Grandaddy and Kaison with a bull

My six year old great grandson spent this week with us. I chuckle inside, sometimes outside, at what I’m sure he must be thinking about the activities at Grandaddy’s and Nana’s. Often he expresses himself so transparently I don’t have to imagine his thoughts.

But here goes for my idea of entries in his diary if he wrote one:

We went to see Nana’s doctor. I don’t know why. Because she isn’t sick. But it was pretty cool. They let me watch her racemaker at work on a funny tv screen. Too bad it doesn’t make Nana race. I’d like to see that.

I went with Grandaddy to the sale barn. We walked on big board walks looking down on tons of cows. He thought I’d be excited to see so many cows but I really wasn’t. They all looked pretty much alike. But I didn’t want Grandaddy to be disappointed so I waved my arms and yelled so I’d look excited.

Nana and I sat on the porch shelling peas. It’s too bad she couldn’t have gotten some of those in neat packages ready to cook.

My grandparents get so excited every time a bird comes to eat seeds at the feeder. You’d think they’d never seen them before.

We went to a furniture store. They thought I would be bored so they told me they wouldn’t take long. They took forever! But it was okay because I was trying out every chair, specially the ones with buttons to make them go up and down.

Nana kept trying to get me to watch movies and stuff when all I wanted was SpongeBob SquarePants.

Nana and I went to see Grandaddy at work at the animal hospital. There was this big black bull with ferocious eyes and stuff drooling out of his mouth. He was in a kind of cage and you could tell he didn’t like it any more than I like getting shots. I was not sorry to get on out of there because that bull made me sad. But of course Nana had to take my picture with Grandaddy before we left. I would have been glad to stay longer if there hadn’t been so many gnats and if Grandaddy would let me push and pull things.

We played some games. I like UNO because I can almost always beat Nana. She doesn’t pay attention real good.

Today we made playdough. I cut out cookies and made snakes and balls and everything. When Nana wasn’t looking I ate some but Nana was right. It really didn’t taste good, too salty.

I surprised Nana today. She was going to read me a book but I read it to her instead. I bet I’ll be a better reader than she is when I start First Grade.

When we went to the grocery store I helped Nana find stuff–the best cereal, plenty of ice cream, and even some cookies she would never have found in forever. While we were checking out I kept the lady behind us from getting bored. She said I reminded her of her boy that’s gotten too grown to help her anymore. She said he used to drive her grocery cart like a maniac. Maybe I’ll do that too. Is a maniac like a monster?

When we go to church, I really love seeing everybody. When they start hugging and shaking hands and going crazy, I can talk all I want to. But when the preacher starts talking then I’m supposed to be quiet. It’s weird because I can talk just as good as the preacher.

Now I’m back home. I worry about Grandaddy and Nana. They must be so sad and lonely. They don’t have me to cheer them up and I guess they pretty much do  nothing. Probably just feed the cats and that’s all.

I’ll go back as soon as I can. But today I’ll take care of Mama and Daddy. They’re trying to take a nap and that just wouldn’t be good for them.



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2 responses to “Diary of a Six Year Old Boy

  1. Carol Ball

    Hahahahaha!!!!!! This made my day. Love you! Carol

  2. Dottie Nelson

    Precious! …so funny! Great way to share a child’s visit to his Nana’s house! Loved it!

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