Jubilee–A Devotional from Leviticus

The official beginning of Fall is upon us. This devotional taken from my unpublished book, “Holy Sandpaper,” seems appropriate, especially since my sister, mentioned in the devotional, has just been to see me and given me one of her colorful canning jars of vegetable soup!

“Then the land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and live there in safety.” Leviticus 25:19

Could life ever be so delightful and safe? Oh, yes!

God never planned that there be heartache and hunger, weariness and pain. But He gave man a free will and man botched things up big time–again and again! It started in Eden, beautiful Eden.

Everything was there for a perfect life–love, family, food, water and, I’m sure, no mosquitoes. But Eve and Adam didn’t abide by the one simple rule given them so they had to go to work.

In Leviticus now the Lord is again saying to His chosen people (and now we’re chosen too when we become believers!), “If you…then I…” The picture is delightful. The land would yield fruit and everyone would have all they needed. I picture my sister’s large pantry at the end of a North Georgia harvest. She and her husband choose to can on a wood burning stove, and every summer put up about 800 quarts of tomatoes, squash, potatoes, green beans, soup, corn, and pickles. Right now they’re doing fruits: peaches, apples, and pears. Eating at her table is always a feast made more fun by her fluffy hand-shaped biscuits soaking up rich home-churned yellow butter.

Back to the Leviticus plan. Everything, the Lord said, would be provided. There would have been more than any human could imagine, a generous display only our Creator could dream up. All that and safety too! No one trying to take it away from you. No one out vandalizing or filing suit because your deed wasn’t correct or cutting your fences because you had the wrong name.

But there was that “if” written in earlier verses, mainly “ye shall do my statutes and keep my judgments.” All this plan was part of the Jubilee. Every seven years land would revert to original owners and everyone would enjoy the blessings of a full harvest from the sixth year. The land would get a rest. “If you keep my judgements…”

The people never could keep the “if” part of any covenant. So God sent Jesus to take care of the “if” as only He could do. Because of what He did, we may each choose to be a part of The Big Jubilee that will go on beyond time. And the land will yield…love, joy, peace, faith, hope…!!!

Lord, thank you for the blessings of this life and hope for another one where all will be perfect as you planned!

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